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Welcome to Advantage Care Facility. We are a senior home care facility that helps you take care of your loved ones at a very professional level. We understand how hard it can be to not be able to provide your parents with the help and support they need. So you really need to get in touch with a team that can do that for them. And that’s where Advantage Care Facility comes into play.

We are a business that helps seniors live a healthy and wonderful life. They receive all the help they need with medication, food and so on. Advantage Care Facility is all about offering the utmost care, respect and support to all of our seniors. We know how hard it was for them to live their lives until now. So we want to offer all the help and assistance they need as they live a healthy life from now on.

We are very responsible and focused on offering customized care for every senior. For the past 10 years we worked very hard to ensure that all seniors who come here receive the high quality services they need. On top of that we are very communicative and friendly, which are the main ingredients for an amazing senior home experience.


Advantage Care Facility was created in order to help as many seniors as possible to live the remainder of their lives with the utmost care and attention. We believe that everyone can have long and happy lives. So it’s our mission and focus to help every person acquire the support and help they need to achieve all those goals. We know that this type of stuff is not going to be easy. But we will always be here to make that happen.

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