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Our facility is modified to make the elderly safer and more accessible which allow them to stay with us during their later years.

  • Spacious Private and Semi-Private Rooms

  • Linen and Bedding Provided

  • Access to Comfortable Indoor and Outdoor Leisure Areas

  • Shutters, Wooden Blinds, and more.....

  • Big-Screen TV

  • Wheelchair Access

  • Central Air and Heating

  • Fire Safety System

  • Perimeter Alarm System

  • Beautiful Patio

  • Internet Service 

  • Pets Welcome!


Health and Wellness

Advantage Care Facility has a professional health and wellness system designed to help seniors get back on track with their health. We make sure that every senior receives the right treatment and assistance as fast as possible. And since we have a professional approach on personalized care, every senior that comes to us receives all the necessary help and support regardless of the situation. We understand every little detail and we make sure that everyone walking through our doors will have a great time here. Our focus on wellness and professional care will help every senior live the best version of their lives!

Family Visit
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